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On The Move

12 Sep

refugee 1

Husb and I went to the gathering in support of refugees in the centre of Swansea this afternoon. There was a good turnout and I took the opportunity to have a few scribbles. Drawing in crowds is hard; people don’t stay still. You fix on one figure as your starting point but before you finish, they’ve moved! It’s like drawing pigeons, they move constantly. So it’s good practice for me, but very frustrating.

Exciting Times

18 Sep




Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop with a new digital life drawing done on my Samsung Galaxy with a free Markers app. This is one of our older models whose face and body are full of  character built up over a lifetime of experience.


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It’s quite late and the TV is full of the Scottish Referendum on independence which took place today. I’m going to try and keep awake to see the results, but it’s been a long day so I don’t know if I’ll succeed. Whatever, by breakfast time we’ll have the result. History in the making. Exciting times.

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