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You Learn Something New…..

23 Oct


These holes at the Taxila UNESCO World Heritage site in Pakistan had been puzzling me for some time. I found out this evening what they are ….. probably. Hannah Lawson and I opened our pop-up studio at Swansea Print Workshop this evening with a Welsh / Pakistani tea and we did an illustrated talk about our residency in Rawalpindi last year. One of the people who came recognised them as an ancient type of fridge. Pits like these were lined with clay or stone and kept food cool. You learn something new every day.

Rose Davies invitation

Hannah and I will be working at Swansea Print Workshop from 10.30 – 5 tomorrow (Saturday), Sunday and Monday and we’ll be happy to show visitors around the lovely antique machinery as well as our exhibition and what we’re working on.

Shadow Of A Skeleton

8 Oct

Shadow of a skeleton.

The sun came streaming through my studio window yesterday and cast this shadow of Felicity the skeleton onto the door.  There’s a work in progress on the easel, a scaled up drawing from a life study in one of my sketchbooks. It’s in charcoal and pastels onto Somerset paper that has been previously coloured with a mixture of acrylic paint, acrylic medium and metallic powder. The model is a young soldier and I’m making a series of work based on him. Eventually I’ll also use this pose for a full-colour monotype. To the left of the easel are two more life drawings that will also be worked up into monotypes at some time.

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