A Good Night’s Sleep

30 Sep

drawing 7

And here’s my final drawing from last weekend’s special life drawing session at Swansea’s National Waterfront Museum. The models were working in pairs, which I found challenging because there isn’t enough time to work on both, especially in a quite short pose – this one’s 20 minutes.

I used three conté crayons in white, sanguine and black into an A4 spiral bound brown paper sketchbook from Seawhite’s of Brighton.


The drawing event was part of the Now The Hero / Nawr Yr Arwr arts festival which was happening for the past week in Swansea, involving dozens of arts organisations and partners and about 500 individuals – artists, performers, technicians, gardeners, Tibetan Monks, volunteers….. it’s been huge and overwhelming and I think that everyone involved needs a good night’s sleep. From tomorrow, I’ll blog the drawings I did through the promenade performance of “Now The Hero / Nawr Yr Arwr” (click here to read one of the fantastic reviews) and the final event, featuring Tibetan monks, some large horns and the beach.



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