Another Faking Friday: Monet’s Japanese Bridge

5 Jun

monet 7

Faking Friday again, copying a famous painting with the family-friendly Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. It’s Monet’s Japanese Bridge this week. I recycled an old canvas that I’d used to play around with some paint a few years back then stuck it up the attic and forgot about it. That just about sums up my usual level of interest in painting.

The original canvas is on the left – in the middle I coated it with a thin layer of white acrylic paint. On the right, after a thin layer of orange, the first step in the Cheese and Wine Painting Club’s session.

From the left: painting the background and horizon: the bottom of the bridge and foliage on the edge of the pond: the bridge and plant details.

I’ve got a couple more hours to do on the painting, which is actually too small for the canvas. Monet’s original is almost a square, rather than rectangular, so I’m going to have to come up with something to do with the empty strips at the sides.  I used Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic paint.

Next Friday, it’s Banksy’s Balloon Girl.





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