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Draw, Print, Draw

28 Aug

Carrying on from yesterday’s bloggage about the Drawn To Print project, I’ve been immersed in drawing today too. The drawing on the left is one I did a couple of years ago, on BFK Rives 250 gsm paper coloured with metallic System 3 acrylic and drawn in Faber Castell Pitt pens. I then used it to develop into a block print, cutting the design into an offcut of signwriters foamboard and printed in black litho/relief oil-based ink onto Zercoll 145 gsm. Today, I used the print to develop another drawing, using a dip pen and Indian ink onto Fabriano Accademica 120 gsm. And next…..? Why, I fancy a screenprint. This could keep on going and going………

Drawn To Print

27 Aug

There’s an interesting programme running at Swansea Print Workshop [SPW] at the moment, involving three residencies from international printmakers who base their art practice on drawing. It’s called Drawn To Print. As well as a print studio set-up,  SPW also has a thriving life-drawing group and many artist/members who use their drawing skills extensively in the production of their original prints. As I do. I like to work directly from models in the life drawing sessions, usually directly into a sketchbook, then I rework the drawings, scaling them up to the size of my monotype plate (which is a posh name for my bit of perspex). Because I like to keep the drawings as original pieces in their own right, I usually do a very basic tracing of the form and use this beneath my perspex plate as the basis of my monotype.

The technique I use is here on my website. This is a young model who is also a soldier. He’s an excellent model and I’ve done a lot of work with him.

Drawn To Print

22 May

Just got back from an excellent talk by the new artist-in-residence at Swansea Print Workshop as part of the year-long ‘Drawn To Print’ project. Her name is Ros Ford and she’s primarily an etcher, working on huge copperplate etchings of urban industrial landscapes. I did a quick scribble during her talk, which doesn’t do her justice so I hope she doesn’t see it. She’s with us for a couple of months and she’s running some workshops, starting this Saturday, with one designed mainly for artists who draw, but don’t print and it’s aimed to ease them gently into printmaking. All Ros’ practice is based on drawing from life. If you’re around this Saturday and fancy doing this workshop [or one of the future ones] you can book online on the Print Workshop’s website.

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