Daily Habit

I’m falling back into good habits. For years I’ve been doing a drawing every day, even if it’s just a sketch that takes a minute or two. I think it’s like a singer running through her scales each day, good practice. But lately, I’ve fallen out of the habit and although I’ve been doing aContinue reading “Daily Habit”

Sleepless In Swansea

I’m a lifelong insomniac, so this morning at around 5am I thought I might as well use my sleeplessness productively and grabbed a sketchbook from the side of the bed, a black Daler Rowney spiral bound A5, and using a white conte crayon, I scribbled Husb. He could sleep through anything.

Hair Light

I try to blog a drawing a day but sometimes it gets hard coming up with something new. I don’t go to exotic places and meet exotic people every day; I just trudge through the rain between my little house and my littler studio; hang out with Husb and the cats; wander down to theContinue reading “Hair Light”