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Daily Habit

14 Jun

Cafe 360

I’m falling back into good habits. For years I’ve been doing a drawing every day, even if it’s just a sketch that takes a minute or two. I think it’s like a singer running through her scales each day, good practice. But lately, I’ve fallen out of the habit and although I’ve been doing a lot of drawing, they’ve tended to be more complete drawings, often doing several at a time and I’ve neglected the quick little daily practice sketch. So a few days ago I dug out my tiny flowered sketchbook and I’ve been randomly sketching wherever I’ve been. These two women were scribbled at a party celebrating the wedding of two old friends, who were tying the knot after 25 years together. Marvellous. 😀

That’s sage and golden marjoram behind the sketchbook, I photographed it in my herb pot in the garden.

Sleepless In Swansea

30 Jul

30 Husb asleep

I’m a lifelong insomniac, so this morning at around 5am I thought I might as well use my sleeplessness productively and grabbed a sketchbook from the side of the bed, a black Daler Rowney spiral bound A5, and using a white conte crayon, I scribbled Husb. He could sleep through anything.

Hair Light

4 Jan

04 angle

I try to blog a drawing a day but sometimes it gets hard coming up with something new. I don’t go to exotic places and meet exotic people every day; I just trudge through the rain between my little house and my littler studio; hang out with Husb and the cats; wander down to the beach in the grey drizzle. Not very exciting. And I get bored drawing things over again, even the cats (Sparta will make me suffer for that).

So I’m going to try and look at the same old things in a different way for a while. Here’s Husb from above. He’s playing a hashtag game on Twitter – Soviet Bands, he came up with So Solid Khrushchev hehehe – and I perched in a wobbly fashion on a stool to look down on him and draw his male pattern baldness. No, it’s not baldness, it’s just ‘Hair Light’. Honest 😀


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