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Grumble In The Jumble

26 Feb

capstone 2 b

What influences a drawing? Lots of things; the subject, the artist’s reactions to the subject; the drawing materials; the weather. That’s right, the weather. I was so cold by the time I reached this sub-Megalithic burial chamber on Mynydd Llangynderyn that I couldn’t be bothered to faff about with my carrying tube of paper and my drawing board. So I reached into my bag for my Daler Rowney Ebony sketchbook and a piece of white conte crayon and spent a few minutes sketching this, the fourth of the ancient monuments on the mountain. It was a long but steady walk up the mountain to the highest point and then a scramble over the ridge to reach the two dolmen, side by side. Unfortunately we had to cross an area of bog to get to them and that was dire. And cold. So by the time I got to this I was pretty fed up. And hungry. And grumbling.

capstone 2 a

The chamber is in amongst a jumble of rocks, mostly fallen from the ridge above. It was very common for these earlier monuments to be constructed at the site of natural rock formations so sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate them from what nature put there. The materials and the quickness of my drawing lent itself to representing the mishmash of rocks on the site.

Stones, Slurry, Sun

25 Feb


This morning was bright, sunny and cold and I took off with archaeologist Dewi Bowen and film maker Melvyn Williams for a second day  following the trail of Bronze Age monuments across West Wales. We had a trek up Mynydd Llangyndeyrn, between the villages of Pontyberem and Crwbin to see a magnificent standing stone; a stone circle at the top of the mountain, with an extraordinary 360 degree vista; and a hike through liquid slurry (think The Bog of Eternal Stench) for two sub-Megalithic burial chambers. It was very rugged and very cold but I did 5 drawings en plein air.

And now I’m cwtched at home under a blanket with a purring Sparta Puss on my lap, a hot dinner and lashings of tea. More drawings tomorrow.

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