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Teeny Tiny Rugby Fan

19 Mar


I scribbled this from a photo I took of our houseguest parrot, Richard The Bird and Husb at the weekend as they were watching the Wales v Ireland rugby international match together. Richard settled happily on Husb’s shoulder, watching intently and fluffing his feathers and shrieking every time Husb shouted or cheered at the game. He’s very blokey and likes to hang out with Husb, doing male bonding stuff. Well, watching telly and shouting. Gawd help us if he ever discovers lager.

I drew with graphite into my A5 hardbound sketchbook.


The Priestland Debate – a Hitler parody!

24 Nov

Hilarious short film about the state of Welsh rugby!!!

The Priestland Debate.

Girlies On Top

3 Aug

03 rugger

Had a bit of a paddle down the beach the other day and spotted a group of 6 or 7 young women practicing rugby on the sand. They were athletic and attractive and soon got the attention of a group of lads about the same age who sounded like they were on holiday from England.  A small gaggle of blokes broke away from the main herd and circled the rugby-girls like lions stalking wildebeest – David Attenborough’s commentary wouldn’t have gone amiss!

The lads bantered a bit, the girlies giggled a bit and then the lads asked to join in the game. After a bit of a conflab, the girlies agreed and a game started. Well, the women were obviously playing for a team because they TRASHED the lads. It was hilarious.

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