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After da Vinci, with a cat

19 Feb


Another of my practice pieces copying Renaissance drawings. This time a little sketch by da Vinci of a small child playing with a cat. The original is very rough and sketchy, very lively. I guess it had to be that way because a cat and small child are not going to stay still for more than a couple of seconds. In fact, the kitteh looks like it can’t wait to get away. He did quite a lot of these sketches; I wonder if the child escaped without scratches? It’s tempting when copying another artist to tidy up the drawing, to ‘complete’ it but I tried to remain as true to the original as possible, given that I’m using 21st century instead of 15th century materials.

Drawn onto my Samsung Galaxy Tablet using a free Markers app. The reference book is ‘Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance Drawings by Hugo Chapman and Marzia Faietti published by The British Museum.

After Filippo Lippi

18 Feb


Another quick digital sketch based on a drawing by fifteenth century artist, Fra Filippo Lippi. I did this on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet using a free Markers app. The drawing is in a British Museum book, ‘Fra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance Drawings’ by Hugo Chapman and Marzia Faietti. I think it’s good to get some academic practice from experienced artists.

The Yellow Shoes

16 Feb



It’s been a very long day and I’ve only just got home at nearly midnight. Good day though, but I need to do a quickie blog and get some sleep. Here’s the second drawing I did at Thursday’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop, using my Samsung Galaxy tablet with the free Marker app. I like working with older models because their bodies are so interesting, so lived in. This model travels a lot and picked up these lovely yellow leather pointy-toed shoes on one of her trips.

Pink Kimono And Tatts

13 Feb


Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. I made a spiced carrot cake for our tea break; I warmed it in the microwave for a few seconds before serving it. This is an older model who has some amazing tattoos; lizards chasing flies and spiders into carnivorous plants all over her body. She has a gorgeous pink, patterned kimono-style robe. This is a twenty-minute pose that I drew on my Samsung Galaxy tablet using the Markers free app. It’s dead handy for colour work because I’m a bit lazy and don’t really want to set up my watercolours or inks. It’s pretty packed out so there’s not much room anyway.


Raphael’s Quickie

12 Feb


I’m continuing to practice from my book of Renaissance drawings using my Samsung Galaxy tablet. This is after a sketch by Raphael. The original was obviously done quickly and it’s very free. I haven’t tried to copy it exactly, line for line, because that would make it rather stiff. I started off by installing a mottled background because paper in Renaissance times tended to be a bit rough and pure white paper would be rare and expensive. The baby is very stylised and typical of the period. I think that these days, he’d probably be considered a bit too chubby.


After Piero di Cosimo

10 Feb


It’s day 10 of the Facebook February daily drawing challenge and I’m posting this. I’ve just drawn it on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet using the free Markers app. I started out by laying down a background colour – if you don’t it goes weird when you save it and does a funny sort of negative thing. Then I added splodges and spots of texture with the translucent tool in greys and white. The background texturing is similar to the abstract patterns in many examples of European Paleolithic cave art.

The drawing is a study made after Piero di Cosimo from my book of Renaissance drawing. I’ve been wanting to do a bit of academic practice lately and the drawing challenge is a good way of spending a few minutes a day studying some of the greats. I’ve enjoyed drawing this fragment of landscape. I’m not a big fan of landscape drawing but this is giving me a handle on it. So thanks, Piero.

Day 5: I Don’t Care!

5 Feb


So continuing with the 28 Drawings After challenge on Facebook and practicing drawing from established artists, I took up with Raphael again. Husb gave me a lovely book on Renaissance drawing from The British Museum that I’ve been meaning to draw from for ages. I’m using the Samsung Galaxy Tablet again with a free Magic marker app. It’s probably very old-fashioned, but I think it’s important for artists to study those who have gone before. I think that’s part of learning the craft in art, although that also seems to be an old-fashioned concept at the moment. Ah well, I don’t care 😀

Day 4: After Raphael

4 Feb


It’s day 4 of the Facebook February drawing challenge and I haven’t been out at all today. The weather’s been awful and I’ve been doing loads of things on computers, so not much of a chance to draw. Husb bought me a lovely book about Raphael for Xmas and as I like to study other artists for practice, I chose this drawing to work from. I used my Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a free Magic Marker app. I like the idea of using 21st century technology to study 16th century Renaissance art. Took about 10 minutes. I think I’d rather work with a traditional dip pen and Indian ink though.

Day 3: A Face In The Dark

3 Feb


I had insomnia again this morning and I’ve decided that instead of reading, I’ll grab my Tablet and have a scribble. This is what came out of my fevered imagination in the early hours. I’m posting a drawing a day into the Facebook February drawing challenge, ‘28 Drawings Later‘ so the sleepless scribbles will come in handy. I used a free app called Magic Marker for this.

Day 2: Sleepless Scribbles

2 Feb



Wide awake at 4 in the morning and I reached for my Samsung Galaxy Tablet for a scribble. I’ve had insomnia since my teens and have tried everything except sleeping pills, but it isn’t too bad these days and I can usually get back to sleep within the hour. Normally I draw from life, but lying in bed this morning I just scribbled randomly and this is what came out. I think it’s a fallen angel and souls in hell. Cheerful eh? 😀

I’m going to post it onto  28 Drawings Later, the February daily drawing challenge on Facebook.


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