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A Creep Of Tortoises

28 Aug

28 jimmies

Here’s a small edition of 6 drypoint intaglio prints I did today, based on a sketch I did recently of Jimmy the tortoise. Apparently the collective noun for tortoises is a ‘creep’. I think it refers to their way of walking; not a slur on their character 🙂

I used a paper drypoint plate, printed with drypoint etching ink  in shop black onto handmade paper with a beige handmade fibre paper for the chine colle.

Back To Basics: Drawing a Tortoise!

25 Jul


Enough of all this digital nonsense!  Back to basics with my lovely Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and my cloth bound sketchbook.  Today I met a surprisingly fast moving tortoise called Jimmy in Cardiff.  Here he is,  indulging his cucumber habit.

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