Practising What I Preach

26 Jul

Male nude 3

I’ve been doing quite a bit of teaching lately and I encourage people to experiment, to loosen up, to enjoy playing with the materials and see what turns up. And I really should practise what I preach! So I’m trying to chill out and splash about with paint and not work directly from life as I normally do – although I am working from a life drawing, but very loosely. Let’s see how it turns out.

I don’t like working directly onto white so I put on a basic wash made from diluted blue, red and yellow Liquitex acrylic paint. Then I blocked in the figure with diluted white Liquitex.

3 Responses to “Practising What I Preach”

  1. alethakuschan July 27, 2018 at 17:05 #

    I find that quite often as soon as I tell someone to do something or other, I want to do it myself. My drawings of drapery came about that way. I was suggesting to someone else that he might want to do drapery studies for a particular reason. Next thing I know, I have to do drapery studies! haha Well, as you note it’s good to practice what we preach, right!


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