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The F. C. B.

8 May


For people from outside Britain, an F. C. B. stands for a Full Cooked Breakfast. In England, it’s a gigantic platter of sausage, bacon and eggs, supplemented by a variety of delicacies like fried potatoes, fried tomatoes, baked beans and black pudding (made with blood). The addition of cockles (like clams) and laverbread (seaweed) turns it into a Welsh F. C. B.



Husb and I went to our local Greasy Spoon caff earlier to meet up with some friends for a consolatory F.C.B. to cheer ourselves up after the UK election results. We stuffed ourselves and I took the opportunity to scribble some of the other punters. One of them was a little old lady who was wearing a typical little old ladies woolly hat. At least, it’s typical for these parts. We don’t have the best weather in the world, y’know. Anyway, we consoled ourselves with our grub and have spent the rest of the day in each other’s company, valuing one of the things that matters most in life, friendship.

The Hat Party

13 Oct


We’re in Bath at a friend’s birthday party. It’s a hat party. His little boy has the best hat. Here it is. Now, let’s party!!!!

Friendship And A Fine Stilton.

13 Feb

Ink drawing: still life.

An old friend came to stay over the weekend and we had a really nice time, lolling around watching films and the telly, eating comfort food to cope with the cold damp weather and relaxing in that comfortable zone that comes with many years of friendship. And today, another old friend came over for a visit and we went to lunch. She arrived at 12.30. We were still talking at 5pm! Didn’t get much work done down at the studio, but you know, it doesn’t matter because there are some things that are more important. It’s so easy to get immersed in work and before you know it, months, even years, fly by and you realise that the only contact you’ve had with friends is through Facebook and Twitter, not the real world. So it’s important to make some time in our hectic lives for those people who really matter, and to enjoy real life contact, long involved conversations over lunch or tea. Of course, new friendships form from social networking, but old ones need to be nurtured.

This evening I decided to settle down in the kitchen and draw a still life. I rarely do these, much preferring to draw people or cats, so make the most of it lol :). My weekend friend stopped by Fortnum and Mason’s in London on the way to Wales and brought us this most excellent Stilton cheese in a lovely jar. Beautifully creamy, salty, tangy and well mouldy, I’ve scoffed half the Stilton already. It’s too strong to eat a lot at once, so I’ve been nibbling little bits throughout a couple of days, seeing what goes with it best. Fresh, juicy slices of Conference pears are very good, but this evening I discovered a perfect match with a gorgeous locally-produced, home pressed, organic apple juice made from Grenadier cookers, a present from friends who have a smallholding a few miles from the city. I’d found it too sharp when I first tried it but it is a wonderful accompaniment to this top-quality Stilton. So they both had to go into the still-life setup, along with our teapot and its ‘sheep’ tea-cosy, important accompaniments to friendship and relaxation.


Old Friend @ The Etsy Shop.

11 Feb

Ink sketch.

This is my friend who has come to visit from England for the weekend; we’ve been friends now for over 30 years. We used to riot round the place, painting the town red, hanging out in clubs and pubs so disreputable that they wouldn’t be allowed to exist these days 😉 . Now we entertain ourselves by visiting the allotment, strolling by the sea and shopping on Etsy. Old age doesn’t come alone. It’s weird that in all these years, this is the first time I’ve drawn her. It isn’t a good likeness because it’s the first time I’ve really studied her for a drawing; it’s a very quick sketch; I have a rotten cold; and I got completely preoccupied with her designer cardigan, which is LUSH! Now I’ve broken my duck and done the first drawing, I must persuade her to sit for me again so I can get a better likeness – she has an amazing face. She’s doing a bit of browsing on Etsy, looking at some lovely etchings by a young printmaker, Ellie Snowdon, who has done a beautiful series based on some of Aesop’s Fables. I sketched with a Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoint pen size 0.5 into my favourite little ‘paper blanks fantastic felines’ sketchbook, around size A6.



Another Pal Scribbled!

3 Feb

Ink sketch: another friend drops by.

I’ve signed up to the 28 day drawing challenge on Facebook and I’m trying to draw a person each day instead of an inanimate object. I don’t want to repeat myself so I’m going to try not to do husb and myself more than once. However, in this age of social networking and given the freezing cold dark nights, it might be a bit difficult to see a new person to draw every day for a month, unless I start hanging about in cafes ; it’s way too cold outside at the moment. So any hapless friends who texts me to pop in for a cuppa and a blast off my heater while they’re trudging round in the freezing cold are going to be scribbled! HAH!


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