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Curl Envy

11 Feb

Specs and smile

Another curly-headed Baby Boomer, part of my ongoing ambition to draw contemporaries within the next few months. I’ve been surprised at how many of my models have curls. I always wanted curly hair and spent a fortune on perms in the 1980s and early 90s. Perms don’t look natural though and I really envy those with beautiful natural curls, although many curlytops desperately want straight sleek hair. Drawn with mid-grey and black graphite stick into an A4 spiral bound sketchbook.

Hats And Hairdo

13 Mar

hair and hats

Last weekend in London was freezing and loads of people wore hats, great for scribbling. I like sketching on the Tube because people generally don’t look at each other so I can scribble away without being noticed. I find it hard to draw hats on heads, difficult to get the proportions right so it’s great to get a chance to practice. The guy had a fab hairdo and a nice Rupert the Bear scarf.

Drawn in my A5 pink silk recycled sari sketchbook with a Pentel V5 pen size 0.5mm.

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