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Tube Heads

10 Nov


Husb and I went to London on Saturday to take in some art and I always take the opportunity to do some sketching on the Tube. It’s not easy because the trains shake around a lot and they’re packed, especially at the weekend, but I managed a couple of decent heads.


The first is using Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S and the second is using graphite, both into an A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook.


Tube And Tate

25 Jan

25 tube

Just back from a day trip to London to see the Paul Klee exhibition at Tate Modern. I had a bit of a scribble on the London Underground before the show. It’s difficult to look at someone like Klee with fresh eyes because he was so influential that his legacy is all around us in illustration, textile design, advertising, and I find it hard to see past that and appreciate how truly innovative he was at the time. He was one of the artists that the Nazis labelled as degenerate, but now his work is mainstream.

I thought the show was very well curated and took visitors through the development of his life and work with a vast collection of pieces. We also had the chance to go to the Tate Members’ Lounge as guests of our friends, so we sat on the roof terrace overlooking London in the crisp sunshine hobnobbing with the privileged! And me a scruffy urchin from a council estate 😀

Underground Scribbles

21 Dec


spare man on train

I’m catching up with my artblogs because I’ve missed a couple this month. Husb and I took a day trip to London yesterday to catch some exhibitions. We parked west of the city and took the tube in, which gave me time to do a bit of scribbling. The London Underground is usually good for sketching because people ignore each other so I’m rarely caught out. It makes the line wobbly though. Scribbled into my A5 clothbound sketchbook with Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes F, M and B.

Another Hat Another Hairdo

14 Mar

hairdo 1

Sketching on the London Underground is great because no-one looks at you and if anyone happens to make eye contact, they look down again immediately. So I can indulge my voyeurism and scribble away. Here’s a great hairdo above and below a rather fetching hat – it was freezing and snowing while we were there.

14 hairdo 2

Problems with drawing on the Tube though, it wobbles like mad so the scribbles can get very shaky and your victim – er I mean subject, might get off at the next stop so you have to draw the essentials quickly and if you’re lucky you’ll have the chance to fill in some details as well. Good practice.

Hats And Hairdo

13 Mar

hair and hats

Last weekend in London was freezing and loads of people wore hats, great for scribbling. I like sketching on the Tube because people generally don’t look at each other so I can scribble away without being noticed. I find it hard to draw hats on heads, difficult to get the proportions right so it’s great to get a chance to practice. The guy had a fab hairdo and a nice Rupert the Bear scarf.

Drawn in my A5 pink silk recycled sari sketchbook with a Pentel V5 pen size 0.5mm.

My Long Suffering…….

26 Jan

Sketchbook drawing.

Because I sketch so much I’m always looking for things to draw and my poor, long-suffering husband fits the bill a lot of the time. It’s easier for me because wherever we are I can just tell him to keep still ….. and he does! Brilliant. You can’t usually do that with strangers. Here he is on the London underground with someone else’s arm in the foreground. He’s quite tall so when I’m sitting down and he’s standing I get some nice foreshortening out of him as well. I think of it as one of his marital duties 🙂

I understand that Lucien Freud exploited his family for his art too, so I’m in good company. This is drawn in Faber Castell Pitt pen into an A6 sketchbook.


Another Drawing On Another Train

2 Jan

Ink drawing on a tube train.


I love trains and I love drawing on them. People are usually very respectful and watch over your shoulder but don’t disturb you. It’s something to occupy yourself on the London tube because nobody ever talks to anyone else, unless they’re foreign – that is, from outside London. I don’t know why the London tube is like that; in my experience Londoners are not unfriendly. It isn’t too shaky either and that little bit of shakiness gives the line a nice little wobble.  Here’s a drawing in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens into an A6 spiral bound Cotman sketchbook.

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