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18 Feb

2019 gvag3

I go to lots of talks at galleries and museums and it’s a good opportunity to have a bit of a scribble, but it usually means drawing backs of heads. That’s okay though because any practice is good. And if there’s a cluster of people, there’s a chance to get to grips with a bit of proportion and perspective as well.

2019 gvag2

And hairdos….


Wo/Man Buns

14 Nov

woman bunz

I was sitting on the bus to our local hospital to visit a relative this evening and a young man and woman sat in front of me. They were dressed in similar clothes and had identical hairstyles. Both had longer hair on top, drawn up into a bun, and shaved close to the head below. Both had pierced ears, the young woman had inserts about the size of a 10p piece while the young man’s were smaller and both had other piercings along their ears and in their noses. My late Dad would have said “Can’t tell the girls from the boys these days” but he said that back in the 1970s when I used to wear jeans, boots and a leather jacket and rode a motorbike, which he seriously disapproved of. There’s a lot of fuss about ‘gender fluidity’ lately but it isn’t really any different to our adulation in the ’70s for David Bowie and Marc Bolan, who pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in male fashion and style. The sky didn’t fall on our heads back then and it won’t now.

Another Hat Another Hairdo

14 Mar

hairdo 1

Sketching on the London Underground is great because no-one looks at you and if anyone happens to make eye contact, they look down again immediately. So I can indulge my voyeurism and scribble away. Here’s a great hairdo above and below a rather fetching hat – it was freezing and snowing while we were there.

14 hairdo 2

Problems with drawing on the Tube though, it wobbles like mad so the scribbles can get very shaky and your victim – er I mean subject, might get off at the next stop so you have to draw the essentials quickly and if you’re lucky you’ll have the chance to fill in some details as well. Good practice.

Hard Hats And Hair Dos

24 Oct


Out tonight at the Tapestri arty bar for a gig by Fanny Holm and had a good scribble while I was at it. There were quite a few people with hats and unusual hairdos so I focussed on them. Hats are sooo HARD to draw.

Hair is so much easier. Goodnight 🙂

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