Survival Kicking In

27 Mar


I seem to have gone into some weird default setting, a deep seated survival instinct. I’ve been wondering why I’m finding it so hard to do any art at the moment – surely the greatest crisis within living memory would kickstart some creative ideas? But no. Instead I’m digging my allotment, planting seeds, picking crops, cooking, preserving, using up leftovers, recycling, storing.

Art is a higher function. Food is a basic need. Something deep seated has been triggered and the energy I would normally be putting into my studio is now going into my kitchen and allotment. Today I bottled some rhubarb and made rhubarb cordial. We’ve got a glut of rhubarb this year. Normally I’d be making crumble and upside down cake with it but Husb has decided to give up sweet things for a while because he thinks he’s putting on weight and I can’t take cakes around to friends and relatives because we’re on lockdown. There’s loads more in the ground ….. tomorrow I’m going to make rhubarb gin.

2 Responses to “Survival Kicking In”

  1. Alli Farkas March 28, 2020 at 23:27 #

    Since your husb seems to want to avoid sweets, I have a great recipe for skillet chicken with rhubarb. If you’re interested email me at and I’ll scan it and send it to you. I would give you the New York Times URL for it but you have to subscribe, not only to the newspaper, but to the cooking section specifically to access it. Basic ingredients are chicken, salt, pepper, thyme, olive oil, scallions, garlic, white wine, rhubarb, honey, and butter. Unfortunately measurements are of course in those pesky pounds, cups, teaspoons, etc.

    • Rosie Scribblah April 2, 2020 at 14:31 #

      oooh thanks Alli. I’ll email you for the recipe, it sounds delicious 🙂

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