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Like An Iceberg

15 Apr

first stage b

Despite global lockdown, there’s loads to do; all those jobs that we’ve been putting off for years as well as getting creative. Making a work of art is often a bit like an iceberg, you only see the top 10%, the final bit of the process. Behind that work of art is a lot of thinking, planning, sketching, thinking, trying things out, thinking and …. more thinking before anything concrete happens. Today was one of those days, lots of thinking, some sketching, doodling, scribbling and even more thinking.

Didn’t do any cooking today, just warmed up the leftovers ….. lovely ……

A Day And Night On #PlanetLockdown

14 Apr


Lockdown carries on. Cooler today but still sunny so I spent some time in the garden sketching some ideas. Then I marked up a block of grey lino – I should get three small prints from it.

marking the block

I’ve been playing with words; words that keep cropping up throughout the pandemic; some good; some negative.

first stage

I’ll work on the lettering and try out different styles before I transfer them to blocks for carving. I like hand lettering and I love the book “Hand Job, A Catalogue of Type” by Michael Perry.

hand job

Then I made lasagne – there’s enough for tomorrow too.



And now Husb and I are settling in for a night of Deadpool and Deadpool 2.


See you tomorrow on #PlanetLockdown xx 😀



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