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4 Mar
richard bath

Richard just had a bath

Parrot With Attitude! Richard The Bird has been back with us for a few days while his humans have been on holiday. He bit me. He nipped the cat. He aimed poop out of his cage onto the floor with unerring accuracy. He took a dump over Husb’s favourite dressing gown. He screamed blue murder when we had chips until I gave him one. He has been totally disruptive, anarchic and brimming over with parrotitude for 5 days. I still love him though.

Richard the bird

Richard is a Senegal parrot and a beloved family pet, about five years old and due to unfortunate circumstances through no fault of anyone, is now on his fourth and hopefully forever home. He takes his holidays with us. He returns home frisky and refreshed. Can’t say the same about us. Sparta Puss and Ming the Merciless are glad to see the back of him.


Richard The Bird’s Holiday

2 Mar

Richard the bird

Richard, our family parrot, has come to stay for a couple of weeks while his trained monkeys are on holiday. He’s fair game for a scribble, but he’s such a fidget and won’t keep still. I tried him with a Koh I Noor graphite pencil in 8B first, then went back to my comfort zone, a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size S for the second page of drawings into my A5 Tate Gallery sketchbook. He’s quite a character and I think it comes out in some of these. He’s beating up a rolled newspaper at the moment, there’s shredded paper all over the floor and the cats won’t go near him!

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