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Goodbye Little Friend

8 Jan

Our scruffy little cat, Ming the Merciless, had her final visit to the vet today. She’s been poorly for a while now and Husb had to make the decision to let her go.

We rescued Ming when she was just a tiny, starving scrap about 10 months old. She was extremely ill from neglect and after 4 nights at the vet’s hospital, touch and go, we brought her home and she promptly went to sleep stretched along Husb’s legs. We had three older cats and she was very scared and reacting aggressively with them but she obviously felt secure when she was with Husb. We had her for 17 years and up until quite recently she still cwtched up to him on the settee. They were pretty much inseparable and she brought so much fun into our house, it was worth all the effort to save her. Her illness left her with weak lungs and one eye and we were lucky to have her for so long.

ming sparta

Ming the Merciless and Sparta Puss hanging out together




4 Mar
richard bath

Richard just had a bath

Parrot With Attitude! Richard The Bird has been back with us for a few days while his humans have been on holiday. He bit me. He nipped the cat. He aimed poop out of his cage onto the floor with unerring accuracy. He took a dump over Husb’s favourite dressing gown. He screamed blue murder when we had chips until I gave him one. He has been totally disruptive, anarchic and brimming over with parrotitude for 5 days. I still love him though.

Richard the bird

Richard is a Senegal parrot and a beloved family pet, about five years old and due to unfortunate circumstances through no fault of anyone, is now on his fourth and hopefully forever home. He takes his holidays with us. He returns home frisky and refreshed. Can’t say the same about us. Sparta Puss and Ming the Merciless are glad to see the back of him.


Quick Kitty Scribbles

10 Nov

quick draw

A couple of quick kitty scribbles done in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and charcoal into a little A6 sketchbook. Ming The Merciless is one of my favourite models. She’s an elderly one-eyed rescued cat who is nice as pie until she sees the cat basket because that only means one thing, a visit to the vets. Then she turns into psycho kitty!

Jamming And A Hot Cat

21 Jul


It’s probably been the hottest day of the year so far, in the upper 20sC and the cat is sleeping on a fleecy blanket on top of the hot water boiler! And she wears a fur coat! I ended up in the kitchen for hours making jam. There’s been a glut of blackcurrants on the allotment so jamming is stage 1 in the preservation process. Some have been bagged and frozen and the rest will be converted to cordial tomorrow.

I did a quick digital scribble of Ming the Merciless as she slept on the boiler, using the free Markers app on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet Note 8.

Opposable Thumbs?

6 Dec

06 sparta

Greetings, apes. Sparta Puss here, on the ‘pooter box. The bald monkeys that I live with keep banging on about these opposable thumbs of theirs, like it’s such a big deal, and waving them at me and Ming the Merciless and laughing. Well, here’s the thing. They need the opposable thumbs to open the cat food pouches. And to make the factory that makes the cat food. And to build the warm, cosy house with the central heating and beds that I require for living in. They’d be useless servants without opposable thumbs and Ming the Merciless and I would have to kick them out. So I don’t know what they’ve got to be so snooty about. Idiots.

The she-ape has sticks with dirt in that she rubs over bits of paper and then says that they look like me. She’s an idiot.

Cat And The Pencil Museum

3 Feb

03 cats an pencils

Still wrapped up in a blankie indoors getting more and more fed up, which probably means I’m on the mend. I’m fed up drawing the cats and fed up with my drawing pens so I had a scribble with Ming The Merciless into a larger A3 sketchbook and used some Derwent Academy watercolour pencils for the scribbling action. Now I’m not a big fan of pencils, or watercolours, but it’s a good exercise to break out of your comfort zone occasionally.

Derwent makes its pencils in the lovely Lake District town of Keswick and it is the home of the national pencil museum. Seriously, it’s a great place with the country’s longest pencil, some World War II RAF covert pencils and a factory shop. It’s brilliant. And so’s the Lake District.


The Cat And The Hat

30 Jan

30 catnhat

Ming The Merciless spends most of her time on top of the boiler in the kitchen so she doesn’t feature as much as Sparta in my sketchbooks. But this evening she cwtched up on the footstool, shoving my feet out of the way, so I put Husb’s hat next to her and did some scribbles. She only has one eye; she lost the other when she was very young because of serious neglect – she was a rescue cat. She’s very tiny and her semi-long hair sticks up all over the place. Husb and I try to brush her every day, but she’s a complete psychopath and our hands are covered with scrams and her fur still sticks up all over the place!

The antibiotics are starting to work but I’m still quite ill – not able to go out for another couple of days. I’ve resigned myself to not being able to do much and I’m catching up with some novels, newspapers and arts documentaries on YouTube. The antibiotics make me very drowsy which helps.

Felix Envy

9 Dec

09 felix

Hello fur-less monkeys. Sparta Puss here. I’ve got my paws on the pooter box again. The feeble-minded apes that I choose to live with went away to an icy land last week – in the middle of winter! I mean, honestly!  They paid to be cold when they could have stayed home with us and the central heating for free. Idiots. The she-monkey took her scribbly stuff away but didn’t draw any cats. She says she didn’t see any cats. No surprises there, Sherlock. No self-respecting kitteh would bother to live in an icy land.

So today the hairless primates went out into the cold to visit friends and the she-monkey drew their cat. He’s a fine figure of a Tabby called Felix. He lives in the countryside in a detached house with 3 acres of hunting grounds and his own personal wood-burning stove. Ming the Merciless and I are envious, our monkeys are obviously not working hard enough!

ps I just brought in a mouse! Hear the monkeys shriek! See them run around, flapping their monkey arms.


Pooped And Proofs

4 Jul


Just pulled a nine hour session at Swansea Print Workshop; exposed three new polymer [solar] plates and did 20 proofs from 7 plates and 3 blocks. On my feet all day and completely shattered now. And I forgot to take my camera so I can’t post the proofs I did. So here’s a drawing I did a while back of Husb and his kitteh, Ming the Merciless, asleep. Which is what I am going to be very, very shortly 🙂

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