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Doing It In Public

1 Oct


This evening Husb and I went to Galerie Simpson for the launch of a new book by local journalist and author Mark Rees, “The Little Book Of Welsh Culture“, part of Swansea’s Purple Flag weekend. I did some ‘live’ drawing of the event, working in public which is always a bit nerve-wracking. I did four drawings in all, over about an hour and a half.



I prepared some sheets of paper before I went, a mixture of Italian Fabriano and vintage British papers. I stretched them and then gave them a coat of gesso and when that was dry, painted and drizzled them with my own home-made walnut ink. I don’t like working directly onto white paper. When I started, I used drawing pens at first but they were too fine so I switched to conté crayons in white, sanguine and black, which worked much better.

I did a mixture of individual and group sketches. There’s always a problem with drawing in public, people keep moving about. How very dare they?! ;D



There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder, please click on the image below to take a look. Thank you.


Booming History

30 Sep


I spend some time having conversations with the Baby Boomers who sit for me and these are as important to the development of this work as the sketches. With such a wide age group, spanning 18 years, there’s a huge range of experience and history amongst us all. It’s fascinating to listen to those Boomers older than me, the ones who were old enough to take part in the political movements of the 1960s, see the counterculture evolving on the American West Coast, live in Swinging London. These are things I watched on television as a child and it’s a privilege to talk to people who were there.


There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder, please click on the image below to take a look. Thank you.


Back To Basics

26 Apr

ju jitu 1

I went back to sketchbook work a few days ago, have done very little for ages, but young nephew was having a sleepover and the following day he was doing competitive ju jitsu and kick boxing so Husb and I went along to watch. It was a great opportunity to sketch figures in motion, something I don’t get much chance to do normally. This is the absolute basis of my art practice, quick sketches capturing tiny slices of everyday life, so quick that I am forced to concentrate only on the most essential details, the essence of the subject.

ju jitu 2

It was great seeing the kids so disciplined and focussed. My Dad was an amateur boxer, my brother-in-law and nephew and nieces trained in karate and now the little ones, great nieces and nephews are doing ju jitsu. I think it’s good for them, it builds confidence and self-discipline and it’s no bad thing to be able to defend yourself.


I drew with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size F into my A5 leatherbound sketchbook. I’m currently working on a series of expressive drawings of ancestral sites and if you want to see some of my other artworks, please click here.

Scribbling And Sponsorship

26 Mar

cat 5

I don’t work alone in my garret (I don’t have a garret), I like to work with other artists to develop exhibitions and projects. I’ve been a member of an artist collective called Commensalis for about a year now and our aim is to get our work out into the world because art is meant to be seen. But it costs quite a bit to do that and we don’t have any public funding.

cat 7

So we’ve decided to try out crowdfunding for our next show, in Bath, UK in July. There are five of us in Commensalis and none of us has done anything like this before, we’re learning as we go along. It’s an interesting way to get sponsorship. People pledge whatever they want and in return get a reward. It’s a lot of work to put a site together though, especially with five of us, collating information and images, making a ‘video’ and writing up some blurb without sounding like a bunch of arty pseuds. And also deciding on what rewards to give and then making them. Not as easy as it seemed at first. We’re nearly there though and hope to go live with our site on March 30th.

cat 4

These are my Scribblecats. They’re tiny direct-line monotypes onto archival-quality tissue, cut and mounted onto hand-made papers. They’re based on little sketches I made some years ago of two brother cats we had, the late, great Ffred and Sialco (pronounced Shalko). They were both semi-long-haired whites but Ffred was easily the most evil cat that has ever roamed the planet, and completely manky as well. Sialco on the other hand (paw?) was delicate, refined and gracious and always beautifully groomed. I’m doing 25 of these little monotypes for our crowdsourcing site.

PS our sponsorship site is now live and Scribblecats are offering themselves as rewards for our backers 😀


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