The Northern Howes

2 Jun

Sweynes Howse 4

Here’s the second of the two ancient burial chambers I drew recently at Rhosilli on the Gower Peninsula. This is the northern Sweyne’s Howes, much more complete than the ruinous southern chamber which has been stolen over the years. These Neolithic monuments are over 4,000 years old and although named after the Viking Sweyne, who also lends his name to Swansea (Sweyne’s Ey or Island), they are considerably older than the Vikings. I am wandering South Wales with prehistorian Dewi Bowen and filmmaker Melvyn Williams, studying the Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments that lie along the trail of The Boar Hunt / Y Twrch Trwyth from the book of ancient Welsh legend, The Mabinogion.

2 Responses to “The Northern Howes”

  1. outsideauthority June 3, 2017 at 09:35 #

    I’ve just started the Mabinogion, not got to the boar hunt yet, perhaps need to read it with your blog open to follow the action??

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