Little World In The Woods

27 Jun

I’ve been on holiday, visiting relatives in the North of England, a lovely break from the pandemic routine and the first time I’ve seen my family in about 18 months – too long but there we go. My littlest relative took me to see his special place in the local woods. He calls it Garlicville because it’s covered in wild garlic in the Spring. There’s a little stream running through the tall, dense trees and he’s been building a bridge across it with sticks he’s picked up from the ground.

He carried on building his little bridge and I sat on a moss covered trunk and sketched him. Not a particularly good sketch, I had promised myself I’d take a week off doing any art – it was a holiday after all – but I couldn’t resist quickly drawing him making his little world in the woods. I used white, black and sanguine conte crayons into a brown paper spiral bound sketchbook.

A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks

I have some small screenprints for sale, inspired by my drawings of the taxidermy collection at Swansea Museum. I have given these antique artifacts a modern twist by combining them with images of rubbish – old fruit nets, bubble wrap and plastic – highlighting the problem of human pollution and how it affects wildlife.

To buy my work on the Swansea Print Workshop site please click the image to the left and to see the complete image.

20 percent of the cost of each screenprint sold goes to support Swansea Print Workshop, which receives no public funding.

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