Recycle and Draw

For this life drawing I recycled a drawing I’d done before that I wasn’t happy with, done with my home-made walnut ink and a dip pen. It just didn’t work out so, waste not, want not. Because I was working on top of existing lines, I relaxed and let myself go a bit, didn’t getContinue reading “Recycle and Draw”

Life Drawing And Home Cooking

This life model likes to hold an unusual pose and this one was great, but an upside down face is really hard to draw. And the foreshortening was wicked. I used Daler Rowney artist’s pastels onto a heavy textured vintage paper, size about A1 – quite big. There was a spotlight on over our modelContinue reading “Life Drawing And Home Cooking”

Normal Service Has Resumed …….

It’s October and it’s back to normal with life drawing, sketching, painting and printmaking. Through September I mostly blogged about my charity fundraiser, but now I’m going to be posting about my everyday arts practice so here goes with some of the life drawings that have been building up over the past month. I wasContinue reading “Normal Service Has Resumed …….”

Three Short Poses

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop – here are the first three poses from this evening, we always begin with quick ones to warm up. She’s a great model. I used conte crayons in black and sanguine and I drew onto some paper that I’d used for another drawing, in walnut ink,Continue reading “Three Short Poses”

Lying Down On The Job

My favourite pose each week at life drawing seshes is the recliner. I like it best when I’m not head on to the model, but observing from the head or feet, because it exaggerates the foreshortening, which I love. This one is great, really enjoyed it. I used black conte crayon and Daler Rowney artist’sContinue reading “Lying Down On The Job”

The Selfie Stance

Here are the first three short poses from last night’s life drawing sesh at Swansea Print Workshop, the two on the left are 5 minutes each and the one on the right, 10 minutes. I used conte crayons in black and sanguine onto a middleweight paper. I especially like the pose on the far leftContinue reading “The Selfie Stance”

Stretched Out

Here’s the second 30-minute pose from this week’s life drawing. I prefer to draw reclining poses from the head or feet, to practice foreshortening, but this is the place I was standing so I had to make do with this stretched out pose. I wasn’t too keen to begin with but once I started puttingContinue reading “Stretched Out”

Hard On The Model

Here’s the first of the 30 minute poses from last night’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. I used sanguine conte crayon onto vintage paper size A2 – ish. It’s a good pose, really dynamic, but hard on the model, so much weight onto his right hand. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Hard On The Model”

Just Back

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop and it’s late. Here are the quick poses that we start with, to get us warmed up. Two 5 minutes poses and a 10 minute one. I used conte crayon in sanguine and black onto some vintage paper, size A2. A Chance To Own One OfContinue reading “Just Back”

Walnut Two Ways

I used my home made walnut ink with two different tools at life drawing the other evening. I did the one above with a traditional dip pen, although I used a brush to do the hair and the swirly bits down the bottom. I find dip pens hard to use at first, I always pressContinue reading “Walnut Two Ways”