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Window Licking Good?

13 Oct

Husb and I regularly babysit one of our very young relatives and last week I took him on his first trip to the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery. There’s a fabulous exhibition from their archives at the moment – a wonderful and quirky selection of artwork.


I find babies very hard to draw. The proportions of their faces are really weird – they’re like little aliens. And they don’t stop wriggling. I tried my best, sketching quickly using the continuous line method. Maybe I should try when he’s asleep. Anyway, I took him round the exhibition, mostly I let him crawl – he was really quick on the polished floors. The bit he liked best though was when we went to the (excellent, new) cafe on the ground floor and he crawled over to the big window that looks out onto the street, pulled himself up and gave the window a good licking. I tried my best.

Newest Member

9 Jan

baby a

Went out with family this evening and had a quick scribble of our newest member as she was having her feed. Babies have strange proportions and I find them challenging to draw because I find myself wanting to draw what I think should be there, rather than what is there. It’s lovely to have a baby around.

My Tiniest Model Ever.

1 May

Ink sketches: baby heads.

So this is my tiniest model ever; my new great-nephew aged eighteen days. He’s adorable. Nevertheless he’s a real pain to draw. Babies and children have such weird heads, all scrunched-up tiny faces set in the bottom bit of an enormous skull. And they’re either bald or have male-pattern baldness [even the girls] or have hair like upended mops. Terrible to draw! Anyway, the little darling was sleeping in the crook of my arm while I balanced my tiny sketchbook on top of him and drew with the other hand using a Faber Castell Pitt size S. I love his little squidged-up hands bent over and around each other, with dimples instead of knuckles. And funny little skinny nostrils. He’s actually much prettier than this. I haven’t done him justice. See how hopelessly in love I am?

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