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Barbie Poop And Twin Peaks

13 Aug

Unicorn 1


So, my young niece sent me a link to YouTube a few months ago and asked if I could make her a rainbow unicorn cake like the one on YouTube for her 18th birthday. It looked easy enough. So her birthday’s here and I’ve been cooking for a couple of days to get her cake ready and all went well until it came to putting on the icing and making it look like a unicorn. Then it sort of went pear-shaped. The pound and a half of buttercream icing on the outside looked too bland so I threw handfuls of different coloured shimmer sugar crystals at it so the unicorn became a sparkly piebald, which I don’t think unicorns are supposed to be.

Then the icing kit I’d bought to decorate the top of the cake with lovely pink and white stripey rosettes didn’t quite work out for me and it ended up covered with little piles of what looked like Barbie poop. You know, like the ‘poop’ emoji but pink and white instead of brown. poop emoji

So I  smoothed it down with a knife but then I had to find some real flowers to decorate the head around the horn that I’d bought specially. Luckily, a friend had brought me flowers when she visited a couple of days ago and I used a few of those. Finally I had to cut some attractive eyelashes from black paper but mine went all sort of sinister and I ended up with a mutant unicorn cake that Husb reckons looks “like something from Twin Peaks“. I think that’s meant to be a compliment?

Luckily, when it was cut open it looked a lot better and tasted nice too.

Unicorn 2



A lot of my artwork is available on my Artfinder gallery.  If you’d like to have a look, please click on the image below or the Artfinder link at the top right of this page.

I Ate A Snail

9 Dec


Today I ate a snail for the first time. I won’t bother again. It tasted like earth in garlic butter with the texture of one of those rubbery sponges you put make-up on, if you wear make-up. Husb and I went to a posh French restaurant for his birthday meal. His birthday was in August but it took a long time to get a reservation. Apart from the snail, it was lovely but now I’m stuffed and I don’t want to do any drawing. What a lazy mare. Here’s one I did earlier this year, in the rain on Swansea Beach. Now off to bed, like a beached whale in a duvet.

Back To Basics

1 Sep

donkey wriggleys farm

It’s been a very busy few weeks, personally and professionally and I haven’t been keeping up with my sketchbook drawings. I should be doing a scribble each day but I’ve lapsed. So today I went back to basics. Husb and I went to a family birthday, our little great-niece is three and we celebrated at Wriggley’s Fun farm, a lovely little petting farm a few miles from Swansea. Out came the sketchbook, my leather steampunk one, with my Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen and scribbling ensued. A lovely, elderly donkey obligingly munched away and a curious sheep stood still with knock knees and watched closely to see if I had any treats for her. I did.

sheep wriggleys farm

They’re only quick scribbles, a few minutes, but they’re a vital part of my art practice because these speedy sketches in real life and real time force me to focus on the essentials rather than the detail and ultimately that’s what underpins everything I do in my work.

Curry House Quickie

27 Apr



Went out for a belated birthday curry with some of my lovely family this evening, an eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet mmmmmmmnomnomnom. They had a particularly good sag aloo. Of course, I did a quick scribble into my A5 hardbacked sketchbook with my Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens.

Bloke In Pub

3 Jan


Had a quick scribble up the pub tonight. For someone who hardly ever drinks, I’ve been to the same pub twice in 3 days. Tonight we were celebrating the birthday of a dear friend. I didn’t feel like drawing but I force myself to do it, because that’s my job. This bloke was sitting nearby and I thought he had an interesting face 🙂

Mongrel Scribbles

21 Dec

21 mongrel

Had a hectic few days and I’m behind with my blog so I’m playing catch-up. I went to a small relative’s brithday party recently and the family dog decided she loved me. So, unwilling as I am to pass up any opportunity for a cribble, I sketched her. She was very fidgety because the room was full of small children, eating. And, of course, dropping food on the floor. What an ideal situation for a dog. She’s a medium sized sturdy mongrel with wiry, sandy hair.

Birthday Books And French Breasts.

18 Apr

Ink sketch: Oystermouth Castle.

Another birthday! Woohoo! Husb gave me three excellent books first thing and then took me this evening for a gorgeous meal at PAs wine bar in Mumbles, one of our favourite restaurants. While we were waiting I sketched the Norman Oystermouth Castle, currently being renovated in the distance behind some of the little Victorian cottages tottering down one of the many Mumbles hills. It’s a funny name, Mumbles. Legend has it that French sailors, upon seeing the two small islands offshore, shouted “Mamelles” which means breasts. Trust the French, eh? The word could also come from Celtic, Latin or Nordic roots but I think I prefer the French story. Drawn into my little A6 cat-themed sketchbook.

The books: Rob Brydon – ‘Small Man In A Book‘ / Philip Pullman – ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’ / Martin Gayford – ‘A Bigger Message: Conversations With David Hockney‘ . Plenty of reading for weeks to come – lovely 🙂


A Grand Day Out.

7 Apr

Ink sketch - giraffes at Folly Farm.

A little relative had her 5th birthday today so we had a family day out at Folly Farm in West Wales, which was grand, although freezing cold. Of course it was, it’s a British Bank Holiday – too much to expect fine weather. At least it didn’t rain. We are lucky to still have four generations in our family and we made up a group aged from 15 months to 80 years and it was lovely. There was a very high wooden walkway going right up into the air and we were level with the giraffes. They are such strange creatures – I’ve never seen them close to before. Their hips face forward and they have these ridiculously skinny legs with nobbly knees. And very lumpy heads. I had my fingerles mittens on but my fingers still froze! We also saw meercats, mongooses and a foosa. Brilliant day out.

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