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Hungry Scribbles

18 Dec


It was the life drawing group’s annual Xmas curry last night at the excellent Vojon curry house. I had a Handi Lamb Polongwala with a Gobi Aloo – no rice or naan as I’m cutting back on refined carbs for a little while. I was still stuffed until lunchtime, a very late lunch too. Because there was a large group of us, we had to wait a while for our food, they cook everything fresh, so I did some quick scribbles to take my mind off the hunger pangs. The food was well worth waiting for though.

book cover

I used a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen into my little Peter Pauper Press ‘Cat’s Meow Journal’. It’s a very sweet sketchbook, i really like it. Sparta Puss doesn’t seem too impressed though. She’s studiously ignoring it.

I Ate A Snail

9 Dec


Today I ate a snail for the first time. I won’t bother again. It tasted like earth in garlic butter with the texture of one of those rubbery sponges you put make-up on, if you wear make-up. Husb and I went to a posh French restaurant for his birthday meal. His birthday was in August but it took a long time to get a reservation. Apart from the snail, it was lovely but now I’m stuffed and I don’t want to do any drawing. What a lazy mare. Here’s one I did earlier this year, in the rain on Swansea Beach. Now off to bed, like a beached whale in a duvet.

Big Boats And Arctic Char

15 Nov


At the National Maritime Museum, Reykjavik

At the National Maritime Museum, Reykjavik

Husb and I have had a few days in Reykjavik, Iceland, a beautiful city. We strolled downtown in the crisp brilliant sunshine yesterday to take a look around the old dockland area. There are a lot of museums down there, the National Maritime, the Icelandic Saga and Northern Lights museums. And some lovely places to eat fresh fish too. We stopped for lunch at the Kaffi Vagninn, I stuck with standard fish and chips, delicious light batter and fluffy cod with a delicious selection of mayonnaise sauces. Husb had a gorgeous baked Arctic Char, lightly spiced on a bed of creamy, buttery sweet potato. The area is being redeveloped and it’s a lovely place to visit, walk around, eat and buy locally made goods.

Curry and Sketching

13 Oct


We had two young relatives visiting this evening so we took them for a curry at the local curry house, The Vojon. Fantastic food there. Had a Handi Lamb Polongwala and garlic rice. mmmmmmm. I did some quick sketching of people nearby in my little A6 spotty sketchbook with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen, size S. I forgot to take my glasses so I didn’t get to see the sketch properly until I got home.

Big Appetites

10 May


Just been for a Handi Polongwala to our local curry house, The Vojon and I scribbled this group of men at a nearby table. Big men, big appetites. Drawn into my little A6 sketchbook with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen size S.

Birthday Books And French Breasts.

18 Apr

Ink sketch: Oystermouth Castle.

Another birthday! Woohoo! Husb gave me three excellent books first thing and then took me this evening for a gorgeous meal at PAs wine bar in Mumbles, one of our favourite restaurants. While we were waiting I sketched the Norman Oystermouth Castle, currently being renovated in the distance behind some of the little Victorian cottages tottering down one of the many Mumbles hills. It’s a funny name, Mumbles. Legend has it that French sailors, upon seeing the two small islands offshore, shouted “Mamelles” which means breasts. Trust the French, eh? The word could also come from Celtic, Latin or Nordic roots but I think I prefer the French story. Drawn into my little A6 cat-themed sketchbook.

The books: Rob Brydon – ‘Small Man In A Book‘ / Philip Pullman – ‘The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ’ / Martin Gayford – ‘A Bigger Message: Conversations With David Hockney‘ . Plenty of reading for weeks to come – lovely 🙂


Couples And Irony.

14 Feb

Ink sketch: couples on Valentine's night.


We went out for a lovely meal this evening, because it’s Valentine’s Day and because we don’t need much of an excuse to go to PAs in Mumbles, one of our favourite restaurants. Usually when we eat out, we’re surrounded by families, single sex groups, friends on a night out but tonight it was only couples, which was a bit weird but also a bit lovely because the people in there ranged from twenty-somethings to eighty-somethings, all focussed on each other, holding hands, smiling. Dead soppy but nice at the same time.

We had a gorgeous meal and I thought I’d do some scribbling between courses as I don’t have a problem chatting and drawing, so I started sketching a youngish couple across the restaurant. Then the main course came and by the time I’d finished it, an elderly couple had arrived and sat in front of the original couple. I’d already sketched in the table and things on it, so what to do? Stop and start again? Well no. This is real life and things don’t always run smoothly, so I drew the new couple in over the existing drawing. It makes the elderly man look transparent. But it’s what happened, so here it is.

There was music playing in the background. It’s never loud in there, just nicely ambient but I noticed this track tonight because I think someone on the staff was having a laugh, given the occasion; Roy Orbison’s ‘It’s Over’ 🙂

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