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Creative Exercises

15 Jul

collage 2 small

I’m working away on a pretty big work of art inspired by my experience of the pandemic lockdown, but that’s now a process – the original inspiration has come and gone, the ideas have been worked out and now it’s just cutting and printing blocks and sewing stuff together. It’s not particularly creative now. It’s just work. So I still need to keep creativity going.

collage 1 small

I’ve been meaning to experiment with collage for a while. I’ve got a load of hand coloured vintage papers in my plans chest so I got some of them out and laid them at random, first onto a sheet of white paper and then onto one I’d coloured with my home made walnut ink. Randomness was embraced by the Surrealists to ignite imagination and keep creativity alive, and collage and frottage were two of the techniques they used. I don’t know if anything will come from these, but it doesn’t matter. It’s good to get creative without a plan to produce a final work. I didn’t stick the pieces down so I’ll keep rearranging them until something grabs me.

Dark Impressions

10 Jun


I’m carrying on with working dark on dark. I prepared lots of pages in my handmade Khadi sketchbook with an Indian ink wash and I’m working on top with random marks using different drawing materials such as carbon, graphite block, black pastels, black oil bar, compressed and willow charcoal.

I admire artists who work from their imagination; it’s something I find very hard. I have always preferred to work from what’s around me. I’m actively trying to break through the blocks that are stopping me by doing these drawings.

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