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3 May

Chrissy 2

Here’s another aspect of last evening’s life drawing session, using conté crayons to analyse the angles of her face.

Back To Basics

2 May

Chrissy 1

I returned to life drawing group tonight, after a long break. Too long. It was great to get my mojo back!

Spying and Sketching: People Watching.

29 Sep

Ink sketch: Old Man and Child.


I sometimes go for a cup of tea to the café in Waterstones bookshop which is in a beautiful old cinema. The café is on the first floor and I sit in the large bow window overlooking the street below which has some lovely Indian Bean trees and benches and I sketch people. It’s good fun because they don’t usually look up and so they’re completely natural.

This elderly man was cwtching a little boy, maybe his grandson? They were playing together and having loads of fun, tickling each other. They were hard to draw because they were moving about so much but I tried to capture the essence of them, rather than try and get a good likeness. It’s unusual these days to see a man and small child playing together and so wrapped up in each other. Delightful.

Ink sketch: Old man with tight trousers.


This old chap sat straight as a ramrod, possibly an old soldier. He stayed for some time, watching people pass by, so I was able to get a reasonable amount of detail in my drawing. He had the tightest trousers I’d seen in a long time!



Spider Alley. (via Doodlemum)

14 Sep

Fabulous post from the incomparable Doodlemum 🙂

Spider Alley. Spider Alley, the place only the bravest children dare enter. Brave the sticky webs and wrapped bundles of mummified bugs, spun and wrapped, ready to stick in your hair. Run, run, run! … Read More

via Doodlemum

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