The Soundtrack To My Life.

Husb and I went to a gig in Singleton Park Friday night. We bought the tickets for Nile Rodgers and Chic‘s world tour before the Covid epidemic and waited for two years for it to be rescheduled. It was amazing. Nile is such a brilliant musician and so prolific, he’s provided the soundtrack to myContinue reading “The Soundtrack To My Life.”

The Gorsedd Circle

Husb and I had another long walk in the late summer sunshine this afternoon, stopping for a rest at the Gorsedd Stones in Singleton Park. It’s a tradition in Wales that the annual National Eisteddfod (the arts festival) erects a stone circle on each Eisteddfod site. The Eisteddfod moves around every year so there areContinue reading “The Gorsedd Circle”