Copper Crucibles Part 2: The Raku Firing

I went along to a raku firing this evening, headed up by local ceramicist Esther Ley at the National Waterfront Museum. I’d made some little clay crucibles a while back – part of the Swansea University Copperworks Project – and today was the decorating and firing session. They had already been fired once, the bisqueContinue reading “Copper Crucibles Part 2: The Raku Firing”

Copper Crucibles Part 1

I took part in a Zoom art session recently which is inspired by Swansea’s industrial heritage. Copper Crucibles is a two part course, making small clay crucibles in moulds on one day and then, when lockdown restrictions are lifted and we can get out and about, we’ll be doing a raku firing for part 2.Continue reading “Copper Crucibles Part 1”