Making An Example…Or Three

As well as making my own art, I also teach in adult education, with a national charity. Today was a ceramics class and I spent a bit of time doing some demonstration pieces, using our range of underglaze colours onto a buff earthenware. I want people to be able to see the colours after they’veContinue reading “Making An Example…Or Three”

Teeny Tiny Ceramics

Here are nine tiny little fired clay crucibles, decorated with oxides and glazes and fired in a portable Japanese raku kiln. I made them back last summer, during a bit of a break in the lockdown restrictions, when I took part in a pottery project headed up by ceramicist Esther Ley as part of SwanseaContinue reading “Teeny Tiny Ceramics”

Spoons, Screenprints And So Long

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog for a few days, been busy with the last of my arts project in the Waun Wen area of the city. Today was the final session, saying so long to the residents and other artists who have been getting involved over the past 15 weeks and collectingContinue reading “Spoons, Screenprints And So Long”

Copper Crucibles Part 2: The Raku Firing

I went along to a raku firing this evening, headed up by local ceramicist Esther Ley at the National Waterfront Museum. I’d made some little clay crucibles a while back – part of the Swansea University Copperworks Project – and today was the decorating and firing session. They had already been fired once, the bisqueContinue reading “Copper Crucibles Part 2: The Raku Firing”

Copper Crucibles Part 1

I took part in a Zoom art session recently which is inspired by Swansea’s industrial heritage. Copper Crucibles is a two part course, making small clay crucibles in moulds on one day and then, when lockdown restrictions are lifted and we can get out and about, we’ll be doing a raku firing for part 2.Continue reading “Copper Crucibles Part 1”

Drawing The Artist

Husb and I went to an artist talk at The Mission Gallery in Swansea earlier today. I like to scribble away in my sketchbook when I go to events like this. The artist, ceramicist Anne Gibbs was in conversation with Cath Roche, talking about her new exhibition, “Still“.  I find that if I draw, ratherContinue reading “Drawing The Artist”