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The Finished Piece

15 Jul

finish front

It’s been a couple of weekends since I did the screenprint book course at Swansea Print Workshop with Kelly Stewart and I just realised that I didn’t blog about the finished piece. Well, here it is: the front above……

….. and the back below, showing the covers …..

finish back

And here’s everyone’s …..


The Book Covers

5 Jul
cover b

The front cover, printed and bound

Last weekend I did a short course in making a screenprinted book and part of the process was the covers. I did the designs with black acrylic paint brushed onto acetate and then scratched into the surface with a nail when it was dry. The hand lettering was done with a Faber Castell Pitt drawing pen.


The book front cover design in negative

The design on the acetate was transferred to a photo-sensitive silkscreen and printed in white onto a dark cloth. Then the cloth was cut to size and glued to pre-cut boards before being glued onto the concertina screenprint to form the book.

The gluing process on the left and the finished back cover on the right.

Absolutely Shattered!

1 Jul
book h

Four ‘layers’ printed, two to go plus the covers…..

It’s the second day of the weekend screenprint book course at Swansea Print Workshop, headed up by Kelly Stewart, and I’m absolutely shattered. We did the drawings and design for it yesterday and today we printed, working at a fast pace in a heatwave!

book a

My work station ready to begin

Yesterday, I produced 6 drawn images on acetate for the interior, plus two for the covers. We started today by setting up our work stations, then mixing inks – Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic paint mixed 80:20 with screenprinting medium and a little water to loosen it to a soft dropping consistency, like a Madeira cake mix, I thought.

Then the printing started, beginning with the background ‘layers’ and working through to the foreground ‘layers’. But before screening onto the prepared book paper (Somerset 250 gsm) I printed each image onto newsprint to check the colour and clarity of the images. I’ll show you the rest tomorrow……



Out Of My Comfort Zone!

30 Jun

Today! Right out of my comfort zone!


Designing the book cover


I’ve been at Swansea Print Workshop on day one of a weekend course with the excellent printmaker Kelly Stewart. I’m learning how to make a hardbacked screenprinted concertina book inspired by my drawings.

I started with a group of mixed media drawings of Neolithic Standing Stones I had done some time ago, a series I called ‘Yr Helfa / The Hunt‘, done en plein air across South Wales. But it’s often a problem trying to develop work from one genre to another because no matter what ideas you have, you are constrained by new techniques and materials that you haven’t experienced before.

It was hard work and by midday I was almost ready to throw in the towel and leave. But I persevered with Kelly’s encouragement and eventually came up with six drawings / motifs that will be printed and overprinted to form the book’s interior and designs for the front and back covers. I photocopied them onto acetates and Kelly transferred them, via the ultraviolet unit, onto prepared photoscreens. All set for tomorrow now.

Valadon Screen – Next Step

22 May

suzanne step 2a

I left the Speedball Diazo drawing fluid to dry overnight after I had done my drawing of the artist Suzanne Valadon onto my screen. The next step is to mask it with the Speedball Filler. I drizzled a line of it, after a vigorous shake, at the top edge of the drawing (the screens were propped up so it was horizontal a few inches above the table).

suzanne step 2b


Then I scraped it gently across the surface of the screen with a piece of stiff card. One swipe is recommended. I scooped up the residue at the edges with a small plastic pallette knife and put it back in the pot. Then I left it to dry horizontally. Final stage of screen preparation tomorrow. I bought some ink from Swansea Print Workshop so I might be able to start printing on Monday.

Tomorrow I’m appearing in Union Street in Bath with the Plebeian Scribblers, part of Fringe Arts Bath and on Sunday I’m popping up to Cardiff to mooch around the Art Car Bootique. Maybe I’ll see you there?


13 May

The reclaimed silkscreen

Some time ago I bought some second hand silkscreens. They had photochemical stencils on them and needed to be cleaned so that I can re-use them. They had been originally coated with Speedball Diazo photoscreen emulsion so I had to use Speedball’s remover.

I poured a little remover onto one side and quickly spread it over with a small, stiff nylon scrubbing brush. I turned it over and did the same on the other side then let it stand for one and a half minutes, no more as the screen remover mustn’t dry out. Then I scrubbed both sides with the brush before scrubbing again with hot water pouring onto it, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies until it was perfectly clean. Then off into the garden on a sunny afternoon to dry. And ready to use again.

Health and Safety notes: I used protective glasses, thick rubber gloves and old clothes.

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