Bat Walk

Husb and I spent a happy hour or so up at the lovely Rosehill Quarry this evening with a load of other people on a ‘bat walk’ headed up by Swansea University’s Dr. Dan Foreman. I had a scribble of course, with a 6B graphite stick into my ‘cat’ notebook. I focused on making marksContinue reading “Bat Walk”

As Dark As It Gets

This started as a very pale watercolour landscape that I uploaded onto my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet into a free Markers app. I’ve been making it darker and darker with cross-hatching and scribbles but I think this is about as dark as I can go with it. The slides show the process from the originalContinue reading “As Dark As It Gets”

Getting Somewhere

I started this little watercolour a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Ceredigion, using Winsor & Newton half pans onto St. Cuthbert’s Mill watercolour paper. I’m not used to watercolours and the scene before me was very pale and misty and I was a bit disappointed by it, to be honest. So IContinue reading “Getting Somewhere”

Getting Darker

I’m carrying on drawing experimentally on top of a little watercolour sketch I did en plein air a couple of days ago. I uploaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet into a free Markers drawing app and I’m working over it with cross-hatching and scribbling. The version I did yesterday is better thanContinue reading “Getting Darker”

Wishy Washy

I’ve been having a go at watercolours recently, since I won a really nice St. Cuthbert’s Mill Saunders Waterford glued watercolour block in a Facebook competition. I’m not really into painting but this is lovely paper and there’s a lot of it and, frankly, waste not, want not, as my Nana used to say. HusbContinue reading “Wishy Washy”