Drawing The Bronze Age Mines

I did this sketch a few days ago while Husb and I were driving back from Devil’s Bridge, via the mountain road to Rhayader. We stopped for a while at these old mines going back to the Bronze Age, near Cwmystwyth. The earliest miners about 4,000 years ago extracted copper, but from Roman times theContinue reading “Drawing The Bronze Age Mines”

Barcud: Red Kite: Milvus Milvus

Husb and I went to Ceredigion for an overnighter, just to get out of the city. We haven’t escaped the area since lockdown started in March so it was a relief to get away, even for such a short time. We called in to the Red Kite Feeding Centre, near Rhayader. Barcud is the WelshContinue reading “Barcud: Red Kite: Milvus Milvus”

A Trip To Hinterland

We’ve been in lockdown for what seems like forever so Husb booked us an evening away at the Hafod Hotel at Devil’s Bridge – Pont ar Fynach – in Ceredigion, for a bit of a break. It’s a very atmospheric part of the world and features a lot in the Cymru Noir crime drama TVContinue reading “A Trip To Hinterland”

As Dark As It Gets

This started as a very pale watercolour landscape that I uploaded onto my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet into a free Markers app. I’ve been making it darker and darker with cross-hatching and scribbles but I think this is about as dark as I can go with it. The slides show the process from the originalContinue reading “As Dark As It Gets”

Getting Somewhere

I started this little watercolour a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Ceredigion, using Winsor & Newton half pans onto St. Cuthbert’s Mill watercolour paper. I’m not used to watercolours and the scene before me was very pale and misty and I was a bit disappointed by it, to be honest. So IContinue reading “Getting Somewhere”

Getting Darker

I’m carrying on drawing experimentally on top of a little watercolour sketch I did en plein air a couple of days ago. I uploaded it onto my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet into a free Markers drawing app and I’m working over it with cross-hatching and scribbling. The version I did yesterday is better thanContinue reading “Getting Darker”

Wishy Washy

I’ve been having a go at watercolours recently, since I won a really nice St. Cuthbert’s Mill Saunders Waterford glued watercolour block in a Facebook competition. I’m not really into painting but this is lovely paper and there’s a lot of it and, frankly, waste not, want not, as my Nana used to say. HusbContinue reading “Wishy Washy”

Just Another Stone In The Wall

Here’s a quick video of me out drawing recently, one of the standing stones I’ve been visiting this year on a mission to draw many of the ancestral monuments on the Trail of the Boar Hunt (Y Twrch Trwyth), an ancient Welsh legend from The Mabinogion. It’s an unusual stone in a wall at YsbytyContinue reading “Just Another Stone In The Wall”

Devil’s Bridge

Hunting wild megaliths in West Wales last week, we took a detour to Devil’s Bridge in Ceredigion, near Aberystwyth.It’s an extraordinary gorge – at the top, three separate bridges are stacked on top of one another. The most recent is an iron bridge  from 1901, under this is one from 1753 and under that, theContinue reading “Devil’s Bridge”

The Stone In The Wall

Another standing stone on our hunt for the wild megalith. We tracked this one down, along with it’s companion (blogged yesterday) in a wall around a Christian church in Ysbyty Cynfyn near Devil’s Bridge, Ceredigion. It’s looks like it’s a Bronze Age site that has been Christianised. The word Ysbyty is Welsh for Hospital andContinue reading “The Stone In The Wall”