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The Table And The Steps

4 Oct

eddie 2

Here are some more drawings I did from the performance of Now The Hero / Nawr Yr Arwr last weekend. It was a promenade piece and this section was set in the street outside the Brangwyn Hall. The irrepressible actress, Eddie Ladd, playing a female peace campaigner conducts the Cyd Adrodd (spoken choir) above on the steps of The Brangwyn Hall and dances along tables in the street where women are sewing bunting to celebrate the end of war – below. I found it much harder to draw sewing machines than people.

eddie 1



Drawing On The Beach

2 Oct

beach 2


Some drawings I did #enpleinair on the beach on Saturday, at the start of the final performance of “Nawr Yr Arwr / Now The Hero”, easily the most incredible theatrical experience I have ever had. It was truly amazing, so many things going on, so much to take in. It started on the beach with the lead actress, Eddie Ladd, atop the old, and very unsafe-looking, Slip Bridge.

beach 1


I worked with graphite, 2B and 6B, into a long landscape Khadi handmade paper sketchbook, a beautiful thing in its own right, but difficult to photograph. I think I’ll have to scan them…..

An Extraordinary Face

31 Jan

Eddie Ladd

I know I’ve been banging on about Nawr Yr Arwr / Now The Hero, but it’s a big deal for me and I was beside myself when I went to the official launch last week. There I was , a scruffy urchin from a council estate, hobnobbing with the great and the good in the arts and it was a bit overwhelming, to be honest. One of the many highlights of the day was sitting opposite the wonderful Welsh actor, Eddie Ladd. It turns out that she and I have been Twitter chums for some time, but we use different names so I didn’t realise until the day of the launch. Of course, I couldn’t resist having a scribble. I didn’t have much time and it’s not the best likeness, but practice makes perfect, eh? Eddie has an extraordinary face and I hope to draw her again, but with a bit more time.

Here’s a brief film of the commissioned work I have done for Nawr Yr Arwr / Now The Hero.

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