A Timelapse of Matisse’s Cat And Goldfish

I finished faking Matisse’s painting “Cat And Goldfish” and Husb did a short time lapse film of me working on it from beginning to end. This was the first painting I did with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting club almost a year ago …. had no idea then that lockdown would last this long.Continue reading “A Timelapse of Matisse’s Cat And Goldfish”

And The Cat Came Back ….

This was the very first painting I did with The Cheese And Wine Painting Club on Facebook, way back in May last year, a few weeks after the painter Ed Sumner started it up to relieve the boredom of the first lockdown. Two lockdowns and almost a year later, it’s still going because the pandemicContinue reading “And The Cat Came Back ….”