Trying New Things

I spent a lovely day at The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir at the weekend, trying out some new techniques for screenprinting. Gayle and Chris, the artists who run the gallery, are away so I jumped at the chance of taking over the space and experimenting without the distractions of home and cat. First priority, makeContinue reading “Trying New Things”

Look What I’ve Got!

Look what I’ve got! Ner nerner ner ner! 😛 Husb and I did a road trip up to Ynyshir in The Rhondda Valley today and bought this gorgeous Victorian book press off the charming Mike. I’ll use it for lino and wood block prints. I don’t know the make or date of manufacture so ifContinue reading “Look What I’ve Got!”

The Lucky Winner

  I rarely win anything, probably because I don’t enter competitions or do the lottery and things like that. But sometimes you see little competitions on Facebook and Twitter asking you to like and repost / retweet something and then you’ll be entered for a prize draw. I often click these and I’ve won twice.Continue reading “The Lucky Winner”

Rain And Racing In The Rhondda

Husb and I had a day off today, a rare thing when you’re self-employed and we went off to The Workers Gallery in Ynyshir for an afternoon of slot-car (Scalextric) racing with our young nephew. It was pouring down outside but we were warm and having a whale of a time inside, surrounded by gorgeousContinue reading “Rain And Racing In The Rhondda”