Turner Was A Cheapskate (And He Loved Cats)

The artist JMW Turner was a cheapskate. It’s true. He often used cheap paints and sometimes they were so cheap that buyers returned the work months later because they had faded so much! He loved the juicy red called cochineal, made from South American beetles. But despite knowing that the colour just wouldn’t last, heContinue reading “Turner Was A Cheapskate (And He Loved Cats)”

Timelapse Turner

I recently finished faking a painting by JMW Turner, “Storm at Sea” and Husb made a timelapse video of me doing it. Here it is if you fancy seeing how it developed. I’ve been faking more or less every Friday throughout the pandemic lockdown, almost a year now, with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine PaintingContinue reading “Timelapse Turner”

Finally Finished Faffing

Storm at Sea by JMW Turner. I think this is the hardest painting I have copied since I joined Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club almost a year ago now. I’ve done almost 40 and I’ve learnt so much from copying such a range of artists, but Turner has definitely been the most difficultContinue reading “Finally Finished Faffing”

Layers Of Faff

I’m still working on the fake JMW Turner painting, “Storm at Sea”, building layer upon layer, knocking the colour back with thin glazes of watery white and rubbing through to reveal some of the delicate colours beneath, all overlaid with thick gobbets of paint piling texture onto the surface of the canvas. All a bitContinue reading “Layers Of Faff”