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Baps, Blocks And Book

20 Jun

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Had a bit of a spurt with block cutting today, I carved until my shoulder started hurting. As I age I am more and more aware of the physicality of making art and the need to keep healthy and exercise, especially my arms, hands, shoulders, neck and back. Well that’s most of me I guess 😀


I did some more baking, bread dough, and made half a dozen baps and a pizza, which was a damn fine pizza even if I say so myself. It’s not really practical to go to the shop every day for bread and I’m getting right into making my own from scratch – whoever invented instant yeast deserves a medal.


And I read and made notes from one of my favourite books by Victoria Finlay, “Colour, Travels Through The Paintbox”. Husb and I are going to start a podcast, an arty one, but also one that’s not highbrow and this is what I’m hoping to base the first few on. We’re planning to go live with it sometime in the next week …. I’ll let you know 😀



Colour, Vibration, Reality

8 Jun

I’ve been re-reading one of my favourite art books, Victoria Finlay’s ‘Colour: Travels Through The Paintbox‘. Most of my books on colour are dry and rather academic but this is a rare book – well researched, informative, intelligent AND beautifully written. She’s a social anthropologist turned journalist with a passion for art and that passion shines through in this book. There’s a bit in it about how what we see when we look at colour are actually vibrations, wavelengths of energy, electrons excited when light falls upon them. I’m absolutely fascinated by this and am trying to represent this in someway in my art. She also spent some time with Australian Aboriginal artists who explained that what we perceive as the real world actually lies ‘like a blanket’ over the reality of existence and this duality is what they are representing in their art.

I’ve been working on this piece for some time. I blogged the initial stages a couple of weeks ago and this week I’ve been overlaying the basic drawing and colour washes with a layer of white oil bar, thinned with a translucent colourless oil bar. Then I’ve removed some of the oil pigment with cotton buds [Q Tips] to create a vibrating mass of patterns across the surface of the figure. When you get up close, you can see through the surface pattern to the underlying ‘reality’. I feel like I’m getting somewhere with this.





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