Little Vistas

Husb and I went for a coffee and scribble to the cafe above Waterstones bookshop in Swansea today. It’s a gorgeous place, it used to be the old Carlton cinema and Waterstones renovated it very sensitively. There are a lot of interior classical features – pillars, friezes, floor to ceiling windows – which frame littleContinue reading “Little Vistas”

A Cuppa And A Read

  Here’s another couple of quick sketches I did in Waterstone’s bookshop cafe in Swansea. It’s very quiet there because most people have bought books and then pop up to the cafe for a cuppa and a read. It’s lovely. I drew with a ballpoint pen into my tiny Laura Ashley sketchbook. I’ve put itContinue reading “A Cuppa And A Read”

Hats Indoors

Stopped for a cup of tea in the lovely cafe in Waterstones bookshop in Swansea and had a quick scribble. Two young women wearing woolly hats indoors. They won’t feel the benefit when they go out into the cold, as my Nana used to say.          

Scribbling In The Book Shop

  I spent today doing lots of little bits of stuff, catching up with things I’ve been needing to do. One thing I’ve neglected for a while is sketchbook scribbling so I called into Waterstones cafe on my way home for a nice cup of tea and a relaxed scribble. It’s one of my favouriteContinue reading “Scribbling In The Book Shop”