Mugshot Update

Husb and I have been doing a bit more work on our mugshots aka slow selfies aka self-portraits. We’re turning out to look like a right pair of criminals 😀 We’re working from life, not photos, so we have to concentrate really hard and this is what we look like when we concentrate really hard.Continue reading “Mugshot Update”

Free Zoom Art – Skulls And Sticking

I’m an educator as well as an artist and I run a lot of art sessions and workshops, on Zoom in these pandemic times. I have a free one coming up, “Get Sticky With Scribblah”, organised by GS Artists in Swansea and the 9to90 Creative Community, on Saturday (27th February) 10.30 – 12.30 UTC. ClickContinue reading “Free Zoom Art – Skulls And Sticking”

Mugshots ….

Husb and I participated in a self-portrait painting workshop today, led by the fabulous Welsh artist Tomos Sparnon and hosted by the most excellent GS Artists in Swansea. Of course, it was on Zoom as we’re still in lockdown but I’m enjoying online learning, both delivering and receiving. Today we worked in acrylics on canvas,Continue reading “Mugshots ….”

Self Experiment

After the manic amount of work I did during my residency in Boise, Idaho earlier in the month, I’ve hit a bit of a slump, probably not helped by jetlag, so I gritted my teeth and sat in front of a mirror this afternoon and scribbled what I saw. I don’t usually do self-portraits butContinue reading “Self Experiment”