A Bit Sculptural

After the two five minute poses at the start of every life drawing session, we move onto a 10 minute pose and then a 30 minute one. I was tired this week, end of a long day, and I found it hard to concentrate. The one on the left was 10 minutes and I thinkContinue reading “A Bit Sculptural”

Tired Legs and Skewiff Sketching

Here are the two quick 5 minute poses from last night’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. I was really tired when I got there, just had time for a bit of tea after work, and I decided not to use an easel but to sit down and draw. Problem with that is theContinue reading “Tired Legs and Skewiff Sketching”

More Quick Kitty Scribbles……

Still have a rotten cold, sucking on throat sweets and still don’t feel like doing much art so here’s another kitty scribble, done quickly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet using a free app called Markers. It’s a basic app but that’s what I want, I prefer to focus on doing the drawing ratherContinue reading “More Quick Kitty Scribbles……”