Zoom, Lino Cuts And Digital Exclusion

Today was a mixed bag with Zoom meetings (how quickly have we taken to Zoom?), an allotment visit, finished cutting a small lino block and marked up two more, made soup and biscuits and then had an hysterical family ‘pub’ quiz on Zoom. It’s been so good to be able to keep in touch throughContinue reading “Zoom, Lino Cuts And Digital Exclusion”

Queueing At The Chemist

Queueing today at the chemist (pharmacy). It took a while so had a quick scribble while I waited. It’s lucky that we’re having such good weather, queueing is pleasant enough, but it’s going to be horrible when the weather turns.      


I chose another word to carve into a small lino block today. I’d been playing around with lots of words and phrases that have become associated with the pandemic lockdown. But it isn’t just about choosing random text, but words that have some meaning and resonance for me. The first word I cut and printedContinue reading “Isolation”

Like An Iceberg

Despite global lockdown, there’s loads to do; all those jobs that we’ve been putting off for years as well as getting creative. Making a work of art is often a bit like an iceberg, you only see the top 10%, the final bit of the process. Behind that work of art is a lot ofContinue reading “Like An Iceberg”

A Day And Night On #PlanetLockdown

Lockdown carries on. Cooler today but still sunny so I spent some time in the garden sketching some ideas. Then I marked up a block of grey lino – I should get three small prints from it. I’ve been playing with words; words that keep cropping up throughout the pandemic; some good; some negative. I’llContinue reading “A Day And Night On #PlanetLockdown”

Scribbling, Shouting And Low Flying Seagulls

Queueing outside shops gives me time and opportunity to have a quick scribble in my little sketchbook that goes everywhere with me. I think it’s important to sketch, it doesn’t have to be a fabulous work of art, just a quick scribble to keep practicing. I saw this lady walking along the other side ofContinue reading “Scribbling, Shouting And Low Flying Seagulls”

Potager, Leftovers, Castle. In That Order

Hot hot hot today! It was too good to stay indoors and we’re lucky to have an enclosed garden so I spent most of the day working on it. It’s the silver lining in the lockdown, having time to do stuff like this. The garden was really scruffy and overgrown after the very wet andContinue reading “Potager, Leftovers, Castle. In That Order”

Clean Green Space

We’ve just had our letter from the local council giving us permission to go to our allotment during the lockdown. We’re so lucky. We’ve had the plot about 12 years and it’s not been easy – a very heavy clay soil, surrounded by woodland. A few times we’ve considered giving up but I’m so gladContinue reading “Clean Green Space”