An Arty Morning

Husb and I had an arty morning today. I carried on working on two of the paintings I’m copying at the moment and Husb did some more on his self-portrait. I’ve been doing copies every week with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook for almost a year now and Husb began hisContinue reading “An Arty Morning”

Another recent page from my sketchbook, getting back into the swing of scribbling regularly after a fallow period. I scribbled these at an event at GS Artists in Swansea yesterday. Local artist Owen Griffiths has just completed a residency there and was presenting his  recent “research and ideas around land use, climate change, place andContinue reading

Keeping My Hand In

Husb and I went to an event at GS Artists on Swansea’s High Street earlier today, featuring local artist Owen Griffiths. I had to have a scribble, of course. Keeps my hand in.