What Am I Up To? [4]

Working away at Galerie Simpson on my short residency. One of my ‘ideas’ drawings and my work station. There’s more of my art to be seen in my online Gallery in Artfinder, please click on the image below to take a look. Thank you.

Met A Monkeh

Went to a wedding, met a monkeh! Seemed like a nice chap. On the arts front, I have finally finished the print installations that I’ll be taking to the Penarth Pavilion Gallery for a new show that opens next week, with work from Swansea and Cardiff Print Workshops. These small stamped images of Frida KahloContinue reading “Met A Monkeh”

Deconstruct Reconstruct

A little while ago I made a group of cyanotype prints from some original sketchbook portraits of older women. Each was printed onto a piece of heavyweight Bockingford paper cut from a pattern for a Victorian corset. I assembled them originally in the sequence that would assemble the corset, tying each together with purple ribbonContinue reading “Deconstruct Reconstruct”

Constrained, A Victorian Tapestri

I’ve finally finished the piece I’ve been working on for the exhibition ‘A Victorian Tapestri’  at the end of this week. It’s constructed of the 12 pieces that make up a Victorian corset, cut from a heavyweight Somerset paper. I coated each with cyanotype chemicals and printed them with some of my sketchbook drawings. I’ve called itContinue reading “Constrained, A Victorian Tapestri”

Blue Sunday

A while back I began a new piece of artwork, quite an ambitious one using some of my sketchbook drawings of older women and a Victorian corset pattern to create a 3D piece in cyanotype, an archaic photographic technique. I cut the pieces from some lovely Somerset Velvet paper, 12 in all, and scanned andContinue reading “Blue Sunday”

Having A Play

I started this piece a few weeks ago. It’s for an exhibition, “A Victorian Tapestri” which starts on September the 25th.  I cut the 12 pieces of lovely Somerset Velvet paper from a vintage pattern for a Victorian corset. I will be coating each piece with an image in cyanotype, an archaic Victorian form of photographyContinue reading “Having A Play”

A Victorian Corset Part 1

Today I started something new. After months of making artwork for my exhibition at Oriel Ceri Richards, I launched into my next piece for a group exhibition at the end of September, “A Victorian Tapestri” based on Victorian Swansea. I’m doing something with cyanotype and a Victorian corset. Cyanotype is an early Victorian method ofContinue reading “A Victorian Corset Part 1”

A Corset and A Quickie

Oooh got to go and get my corset and big hat on and go to the monthly Steampunk Meet so won’t have much time to post today. Here’s a large drawing I did from a small life drawing in a sketchbook. I used a large piece of Somerset Velvet, coloured with black and pearlised acrylicContinue reading “A Corset and A Quickie”