A Tissue Issue

Workibng with Kelly Stewart at Swansea Print Workshop last week, I experimented with different ways to screenprint my range of drawings. I’ve always liked the chine collé technique especially with handmade paper made from recycled saris. I get it from the haberdashers in Swansea Market and it has a great texture and a some juicyContinue reading “A Tissue Issue”

Engage And Scribble

  Husb was pitching an idea at the RSA Engage event at Swansea’s Cinema & Co this evening. The RSA is holding 20 Engage events across the UK which give people an opportunity to pitch an idea they want to develop in their local community, to get support from an informed audience and make newContinue reading “Engage And Scribble”

Aunty Nin’s Chair And #3000chairs

Back in the 1930’s my beloved Aunty Nin saved hard from her wages at Swansea Market to buy a lovely Art Deco suite from the poshest furniture store in the area for the parlour of her tiny little council house. A generation later, my sister and I used to visit with Mam and Dad andContinue reading “Aunty Nin’s Chair And #3000chairs”

Chalk And Cheese

I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, which is tiny ink drawings made into weeny little sketchbooks. I’ve promised myself that I’ll try to work in chalk and charcoal on a larger at least once a week. Here’s the head of a man onto a rough hand-made paper that I bought atContinue reading “Chalk And Cheese”

Wobbly Roofs And A Wonky Chain

Another gorgeous day, warm and sunny, not at all like normal Swansea weather. I walked to the studio in the sunshine and although I love my huge windows, they face north and I wanted to carry on basking in the warmth, so I opened the fire door at the end of the corridor, which facesContinue reading “Wobbly Roofs And A Wonky Chain”