It’s Got Potential

Here’s another tiny sketch from my tiny sketchbook from one of my drawing walks around Waun Wen on Sunday. These little scribbles are very quick, fleeting snapshots that I can look at later to see if I want to go back and do something more complex. It’s a different way of seeing something than takingContinue reading “It’s Got Potential”

Abstract Layers Of Colour

Here’s a short film of a Paul Cezanne painting, Mont Sainte-Victoire, that I copied back last year, when we were still in the throes of the first pandemic lockdown, with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. It’s shows extreme closeups of the surface of the painting, showing the many layers of LiquitexContinue reading “Abstract Layers Of Colour”

Finally Finished Faking And A Bit More Baking

I finally finished faking the Cezanne landscape I started last Friday. He’s a very complex painter, the canvas is covered in layers and layers of translucent paint, and pigment dragged on with a dry brush so you can see so many subtle colours glowing through the entire work. I also finished icing some little XmasContinue reading “Finally Finished Faking And A Bit More Baking”


I carried on working on last Friday’s fake painting, a landscape by Cezanne. The strident orange needed to be knocked back a bit, which I did with a very thin wash of watered down titanium white (Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic). But then I lost the lowlights so I had a good squint at the originalContinue reading “Squinting”

Yet Another Faking Friday

It’s faking Friday again with painter Ed Sumner at the Cheese and Wine Painting Club over on Facebook. Ed’s been running these lunchtime painting sessions since lockdown began in March and I joined in 4 or 5 weeks later. Today we copied a Cezanne landscape. I have maybe an hour or so more to doContinue reading “Yet Another Faking Friday”

The Finishing Touch: 2

I’ve had this fake Cezanne on my easel for nearly a fortnight now. It was almost finished but it took me a while to get around to doing the final touches as I wasn’t quite sure what still needed to be done and when to call a halt. It helped to have a break, withoutContinue reading “The Finishing Touch: 2”

Double Faking

I spent some time faking today, doing more work on the fake Monet I started on Friday and the fake Cezanne from the previous Friday. I’m a bit behind, never mind. I’m following the Cheese and Wine painting Club on Facebook, painting a weekly fake as one of my lockdown challenges, to improve my paintingContinue reading “Double Faking”

The Underlying Barbie-ness

I started this fake Cézanne last Friday at the lunchtime Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. It’s my 17th fake – one of the lockdown challenges I set myself was to improve my painting skills and I love studying the work of other artists. I began with a pink background, which was a bitContinue reading “The Underlying Barbie-ness”

Faking Cezanne

Finally finished Friday’s fake. It’s By Cezanne and it’s the Bay of Marseilles. One of my lockdown challenges has been to improve my painting skills. I’m not a motivated painter so I joined an online painting class, Facebook’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Friday lunchtimes. This is my fifteenth painting and we usually copyContinue reading “Faking Cezanne”

Faking Friday On Saturday

I didn’t do my usual Faking Friday yesterday because Husb and I were looking after a 2 year old maniac and I was fit for nothing afterwards. So today, I caught up with the Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook, led by artist Ed Sumner and this week we copied a Cezanne. There’s stillContinue reading “Faking Friday On Saturday”