I printed my little lino block “isolate” onto fabric to make a mask but I also printed some on paper as well, as I’m thinking of taking it into different materials and formats. I did a couple onto white Hosho paper and then tried them out on different coloured papers made from recycled saris. HusbContinue reading

Chine Collé

  I spent the afternoon down at Swansea Print Workshop preparing some chine collé to use with a vinyl block I made some months ago. I’ve tried printing it in several ways and I want to keep on experimenting with it. The image is based on a drawing of a stream bed I did onContinue reading “Chine Collé”


  I’ve just done a dozen or so monotypes using rubbish. I recently became the artist in residence with the FIRE Lab at Swansea University and I’ve been going out on field trips with the science team along the River Tawe, looking at its ecosystem, which includes noting the rubbish. We used some rubbish weContinue reading “Rubbish”

A Massive Of Mari’s?

  I finished carving my little lino yesterday evening, with a Mari Lwyd design from an original drawing en plein air. So today, off to Swansea Print Workshop to print it up. I used Caligo / Cranfield Safe Wash Relief ink with a Hosho Japanese paper and some recycled sari silk paper for the chineContinue reading “A Massive Of Mari’s?”

A Bit Of Vintage

And ….. back to my experiments with home-made printing ink. After disappointing results with a lightweight Japanese Hosho paper, I tried a lovely vintage British paper, J Green & Sons sold by the Vintage Paper Co. Above, I used the ink with a rubber stamp made from a design I did of the artist KätheContinue reading “A Bit Of Vintage”

Paper Geekery

Yesterday I showed how to mix up printmaking ink with powdered mineral pigments, Nori (seaweed) paste, water and gin. But that’s just the beginning. Next I had to try the ink with different blocks and papers to see what gives the best result. My first experiment was with a simple vinyl block that I inkedContinue reading “Paper Geekery”