Maintaining Motivation

I liked drawing this one-hour pose, it had a lot of interesting elements which kept my attention and motivation, which often drifts on these longer poses. There’s some great foreshortening with the right arm and leg, and the swivel chair had to be worked into the composition too. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Maintaining Motivation”

Getting Stuck In With A Brush (And A Cat)

Here’s the final, hour-long pose from life drawing the other night. I’m usually very tired by this point and I often find it hard to concentrate, so I switched from conte crayons to my home made walnut ink and a large-ish brush and got stuck in. It gave me a bit more energy and IContinue reading “Getting Stuck In With A Brush (And A Cat)”

30 Minutes Of Foreshortening Hell

I’m always up for a recliner at life drawing, even though I often get some wicked foreshortening to draw. And last night’s session at Swansea Print Workshop handed me this one! Not only foreshortening but also an upside down head as well. And an awkward hand. Ah well, it’s good practice. A Chance To OwnContinue reading “30 Minutes Of Foreshortening Hell”

Short Poses, Late Night

Just back from life drawing at Swansea Print Workshop. These are two of the short poses we do at the beginning – 5 minutes and 10 minutes – to warm up. Tired now so I’m off to bed. Nos Da. Good Night xx A Chance To Own One Of My Artworks I have some smallContinue reading “Short Poses, Late Night”

Living On In The Digital World

Sometimes when I’m drawing I end up preferring an unfinished version, and that happened here with this recent life drawing. I often photograph them with my phone at different stages and the one above is my favourite. But you never know until you finish, and I carried on working in more detail. So the oneContinue reading “Living On In The Digital World”

Three Short Poses Over Time

One of the really good things about life drawing sessions at Swansea Print Workshop is the variety of models who pose for us and I enjoy working with such a range of body types and ages. This older model is very experienced and he’s been posing for our group for many years. It’s a privilegeContinue reading “Three Short Poses Over Time”

The Selfie Stance

Here are the first three short poses from last night’s life drawing sesh at Swansea Print Workshop, the two on the left are 5 minutes each and the one on the right, 10 minutes. I used conte crayons in black and sanguine onto a middleweight paper. I especially like the pose on the far leftContinue reading “The Selfie Stance”

Stretched Out

Here’s the second 30-minute pose from this week’s life drawing. I prefer to draw reclining poses from the head or feet, to practice foreshortening, but this is the place I was standing so I had to make do with this stretched out pose. I wasn’t too keen to begin with but once I started puttingContinue reading “Stretched Out”

Hard On The Model

Here’s the first of the 30 minute poses from last night’s life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. I used sanguine conte crayon onto vintage paper size A2 – ish. It’s a good pose, really dynamic, but hard on the model, so much weight onto his right hand. A Chance To Own One Of MyContinue reading “Hard On The Model”

The One Full Hour

We have a tea break half way through the 3 hour life drawing session at Swansea Print Workshop. Before the break we do a series of short poses but then in the second half we have just one full-hour pose. I have mixed feelings about these. There’s a lot to be said for having someContinue reading “The One Full Hour”