Scribbling In The Wind

Nice day so went for a walk out of the city, along the Pennard Pill valley route to Three Cliffs Bay. It was cloudy and very windy so I only stopped to do a quick scribble, with Daler Rowney soft pastels onto Khadi paper. There’s a stone spiral, called by locals “the labyrinth” where theContinue reading “Scribbling In The Wind”

Giving It A Go

It’s almost half a century since I rocked up, in flares and platforms, at the Foundation Course in Swansea Art School, determined to be a painter. Then I did the module in printmaking and retired my paintbrushes. Until the pandemic lockdown started in Spring last year. We were only allowed out of the house forContinue reading “Giving It A Go”

Painting From A Drawing

I’m starting to paint my own work now, after 18 months of copying great artists with Ed Sumner’s Cheese and Wine Painting Club on Facebook. I did a pastel drawing when I was visiting the Lake District last week and I’m developing it into a painting. Here’s a section of it, using Liquitex Heavy BodyContinue reading “Painting From A Drawing”

Simple Heads No. 1

I get so precious about my art work sometimes to the point where I can hardly do anything so I’m trying to do a simple head a day for a while, see how I get on. Normally I work directly from life but I’m going to work from imagination on these, which is way outContinue reading “Simple Heads No. 1”

And Now, The Ghost

  Following on from yesterday’s post about my latest reduction monotype, this is the ‘ghost’ image that is formed by putting a second piece of paper through the press after the first image is taken off the perspex plate. This gives a paler, ethereal monotype, where the pigment has broken up into little grains, ratherContinue reading “And Now, The Ghost”

Hard Feet And The Best Curryhouse

It’s the end of a tiring week; I’ve had a very productive time in the studio and a good session at the life drawing group, but that means I’ve been on my feet continuously every day and I’m looking forward to some chilling-out time this weekend. We started this evening with a curry at ourContinue reading “Hard Feet And The Best Curryhouse”

The Celtic/Welsh May Cat, Y Gath Mis Mai

Sparta, our two-year old tortoiseshell [calico] cat is simultaneously a tiny, sweet, adorable, cuddly little kitty and a rampaging murderous scourge of anything smaller than her that moves. Worse than that, she brings her prey into the house. People tell us she’s bringing us ‘presents’ but you know, I’d rather go without her little gifts.Continue reading “The Celtic/Welsh May Cat, Y Gath Mis Mai”

Two Drawings of the Third Kitten of the Apocalypse

Our dear old tomcat, Bola, died in August two years ago when he was nearly twenty years old. He was a great big black panther of a moggy with the sweetest nature. We had our two younger ones, Bobbit and Ming the Merciless and decided that we wouldn’t have any more kitties. No-one could takeContinue reading “Two Drawings of the Third Kitten of the Apocalypse”